Joint Brazilian – ELECTRA Smart Grids Workshop “Towards International Cooperation" November 11th-12th, 2015

BrazilWSThe Joint Brazilian – ELECTRA Smart Grids Workshop “Towards International Cooperation” took place on November 11th and 12th at UFSC`s Trindade Campus aiming to promote cooperation between the European partners from ELECTRA and the Brazilian partners (INESC P&D Brasil and UFSC).

The workshop started with a welcome adress from Mauro Rosa, Director of Science and Technology of INESC P&D Brasil, followed by an adress on ELECTRA and EERA JP SG goals and approach made by Luciano Martini from the ELECTRA Program. Several presentations were made, both from European and Brazilian partners, aiming to find the focus of future collaborations.

From the European side the workshop counted with the participation of Luciano Martini (RSE), Henrik Bindner (DTU), Anna Mutule (IPE), Rui Araújo (INESC Porto), Nuno Fidalgo (INESC Porto), Irina Oleinikova (IPE), who made presentations on topics such as: the importance of smart grids research  infrastructures in EU countries, ELECTRA specific actions on international cooperation by ELECTRA, ELECTRA researchers exchange scheme: REX call 3 dedicated to extra-EU countries, the intelligent systems research infrastructure SYSLAB and examples of smart grid controller testing, integration of intelligent components in power system, phasor measurement unit application, the proliferation of power electronics in the grid as a main driver towards smart grids, the use of smart grids as a strategy for climate change mitigation, Market design for electricity ensuring operational flexibility, Smart Grids in the European Market and the distribution network management, monitoring and control solutions.

From Brazil Marcelo Lobo (UFSC), Ricardo Ruther (UFSC), Carlos Gouveia (INESC P&D Brasil/UFCG), Marcelo Agostine (UFSC), Erlon Finardi (UFSC), Mauro Rosa (UFSC/ INESC P&D Brasil) and Ana Pinto (INESC P&D Brasil/UDESC) participated through presentations on the following topics: UFSC’s research  infrastructure and solar energy research and capacity building center, smartgrids related research in Brazil: relevance and future trends, the experience with the project TECCON (Technology of Fiber Optic Sensors to Supervise, Control and Protect Electrical Energy Systems), the experience with the project MedFasee BT (Synchronized Phasor Measurement System), the experience with the project MICROGER (Impacts of the Insertion of Micro Grids and Micro Systems in Electricity Distribution Systems), the impacts of microgrids on the reliability of distribution systems, energy management and regulatory aspects of connection and commercial operation.

The workshop also included a round table discussing the main topics of interest for each entity and visits to UFSC’s Laboratories. At the end of the workshop Mauro Rosa (Director of Science and Technology of INESC P&D Brasil) and Luciano Martini (Coordinator of the Project ELECTRA) signed the documentation making INESC P&D Brasil a member of the ELECTRA IRPInternational Coordination Board.