Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

LOGO ENEA ingl-JPGENEA is an Italian public research organisation which performs research activities and provides agency services in support to public administrations, public and private enterprises, and citizens for multidisciplinary mission-oriented researches, results dissemination, technological transfer and training activities. The Agency's main research issues are: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Nuclear Energy, Safety and Health, Electric System Research. ENEA is active in participating in European projects and national project funded by Ministry of Education, University and Research and Ministry of economic development. ENEA has a team of specialists with experience in: Distributed Energy Resources; RES and their integration in the electrical network (smart grids); storage technologies including performance testing and definition of pre standards for specific applications; integration of storage resources to smart grids and to electric and hybrid vehicles; ICT and standardization field; technologies for interoperability, enterprise networking and technology transfer to SMEs. ENEA has participated to several projects on energy field; some of them are: SEESGEN-ICT "Supporting Energy Efficiency in Smart Generation Grids Through ICT"; ILLIBAT "Ionic liquid based lithium batteries"; ILHYPOS "Ionic Liquid-based Hybrid Power Supercapacitors", "Renewable Energy" and "Storage for hybrid vehicles and smart grids"; RINNOVA "Innovative electrochemical technologies for energy storage to their integration with distributed renewable energy resources"; "High Technology Energy District in Campania Region". The main infrastructures available concerns: RES test facilities, electric storage systems testing laboratory, power converter testing laboratory, heat storage test facility.

ENEA's Role in ELECTRA IRP: ENEA is co-leader of WP9 "Researcher Exchange", and it is mostly involved in WP3 "Scenarios & Case studies" and WP4 "Fully Interoperable systems" as task leader on T3.4 and T4.3.
Contribution is given also in WP7 "Integration and Lab Testing for Proof of concept" and WP8 "Synthesis of results for decision support", and in WP1 "Coordination and Networking", WP10 "Actions on International Cooperation", WP11 "Program Management and Reporting" and WP12 "Dissemination, Knowledge Transfer and Exploitation".

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Key Personnel Involved: Graditi G., Cigolotti V.Frascella A.Del Giudice A.Adinolfi G.De Sabbata P.Valeri M.