WP2 - Development of Joint Research Facilities

Powerful European Research Infrastructure is necessary to reach consensus on harmonized solutions that allow collaboration on the technical level and thereby accelerate the development and implementation of smart grids. Complementing the research activities in WP7, the tasks of WP2 aim at fostering the coordination and collaboration among the research infrastructures of the IRP participants through:
• Creating and sharing a comprehensive knowledge-base of research infrastructure, testing facilities and important demonstration facilities that can be used by IRP participants as well as external users to compare and identify essential capabilities;
• Expanding information sharing on capabilities to include sharing non-proprietary research results, best practices and methods, and joint efforts to improve and expand the capabilities to meet the overall objectives of the ELECTRA IRP;
• Defining recommendations on European research infrastructures needs and requirements;
• Collaborating with related international networks and organisations (ISGAN – SIRFN Smart Grid International research facility Network, APEC Smart Grids Test Beds Network, etc.).
To support the transformation process of the power system envisaged in the ELECTRA IRP, key smart grid technologies on both the transmission system level and the distribution system level must be researched, tested and demonstrated in appropriate research infrastructures. Such laboratory and field environments need to allow the set-up of real-scale smart distribution grid sections. The grid connection guidelines for generators of the power system are being continuously updated to ensure interoperability and provision of system relevant ancillary services. The applicability of the new properties and services as well as of resulting connection rules have to be researched and demonstrated under future scenarios that should be set up in testing environments. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide appropriate research infrastructure for the investigations on the integration of power technologies with information and communication technologies (ICT), adaptive control strategies and contingency management as well as protection aspects.

As the European interconnected systems have to be managed internationally a common development at the European level is required, supporting a common European understanding of the future European Electricity Grids.


WP2 Tasks:
• T2.1: European smart grid research infrastructure database
• T2.2: European smart grids research infrastructure requirements - analyses and Recommendation for a joint use of European research infrastructures
• T2.3: International collaboration in ISGAN's Smart Grid International Research Facility Network

WP Leader: Cracium D. (DERLAB)

WP Vice Leader: Brunner H. (AIT)