Institute for Information Technology at University of Oldenburg - OFFIS

Offis engl sub rgb 25The OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology is an associated institute of the University of Oldenburg. It was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization and is primarily dedicated to technology transfer of computer science knowledge into enterprises and organisations. Together with worldwide more than 300 cooperation partners it is usually simultaneously engaged in about 50 projects in the three application-oriented research & development divisions "Energy", "Health" and "Transportation". Approximately 230 researchers work in different technological areas like e.g. dependable system design, human machine interaction, intelligent data management, or software and system architecture.
OFFIS participates in several projects, reports and proposals on a national and international level regarding smart grid architectures and (distributed) smart grid coordination functions like the German Standardization Roadmap e-Energy / smart grids, the German e-Energy project eTelligence, the M490 SGAM Architecture, the JWG Smart Grid Architecture Report and the IEC TC 57 SIA. OFFIS Energy is working in various standardisation bodies concerned with energy and smart grid issues (IEC, CEN/CENELEC, DKE/VDE). Furthermore OFFIS has coordinated the roadmap of the German Smart Grid ("Future Energy Grid") for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

OFFIS's Role in ELECTRA IRP: OFFIS will contribute to ELECTRA by helping to define a functional architecture following the M/490 mandate with special regards to technical interoperability. Regarding flexibility options, OFFIS will develop distributed coordination schemes for voltage and frequency control in the distribution grid. To achieve a coupling of markets and distributed flexibility, OFFIS will furthermore build the linking concept between distributed flexibility coordination and market design.

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Key Personnel Involved: Niesse A., Troeschel M., Lehnhoff S.