Project Structure

project structure

The European Liason on Electricity Committed Towards long-term Research Activity - Integrated Research Programme (ELECTRA IRP) will be implemented during the course of 48 months and within eleven work packages (WP). The exact phasing of the IRP work is organised according to the consolidated experience of European and international Research and Technical Development (RTD) projects.

The IRP work plan is organized along 12 Work Packages (WP), divided in such a way as to ensure the achievement of each of the IRP goals. In particular:

  • WP1: targets to align and steer national research roadmaps on smart grids, in close collaboration with the Europen Community (EC) and representatives from the industrial stakeholders like EEGI, ENTSO-E, EDSO4SG and the ETP on Smart Grids.
  • WP2: develop the joint laboratories infrastructure of the ELECTRA partners. It provides the basis for the laboratory scale proof of concept activity of WP7 but also has a role in itself to ensure that the smart grid laboratory infrastructure investments are aligned across Europe.
  • WP3: works out the concepts of the new control scheme for smart grids that should control voltage and frequency in a world with an increasing set of renewable sources of electricity.
  • WP4: define the functional architecture and the interface among smart grids stakeholders considering ICT security issues and applicable standards.
  • WP5 and WP6: define the functional layer of the monitoring (WP5) and control (WP6) systems that will be used by each of those stakeholders.
  • WP7: integrates the various monitoring and control solutions into a laboratory demonstrator of a 2020+ power system taking into account the interaction among all different stakeholders.
  • WP8: considers the impact of this future network management conditions on the control room functionality of the grid operators.
  • WP9: organizes the exchange of researchers among the different institutes, in support to the JRA activity of WP3-WP8 but also with links to the EERA activity of WP1 and the international collaboration of WP10.
  • WP10: handles the international cooperation (INCO), starting from consolidated results in WP1 as well as the additional results obtained from the JRA activity in WP3-WP8. This work impacts the management of the global laboratory infrastructure (WP2) as well as the exchange of researchers (WP9), as these are elements that will be considered when setting up the INCO.
  • WP11: deals with the management activities specific to the ELECTRA proposal.
  • WP12: constitutes the heart of dissemination, knowledge transfer and exploitation activities toward the IRP stakeholders.

The different WPs are closely interlinked, as shown in the above figure that represents gives a pictorial overview of ELECTRA IRP work plan.


Work package title WP Organization in Charge WP Leader Vice
WP Leader
 1 Coordination and Networking  RSE Martini L.  Graditi G.
 2 Development of Joint Research Facilities  DERlab Craciun D. Brunner H.
 3 Scenarios and case studies for future power system operation  TEC Rodriguez J. Oleinikova I.
4 Fully Interoperable Systems  VITO Caerts C. Tornelli C.
5 Increased Observability  SINTEF Morch A. Visscher K.
6 Control schemes for the use of flexibility  VTT Hanninen S. Burt G.
7 Integration and Lab Testing for Proof of Concept  AIT Strasser T. Marinelli M.
8 Future control room functionality  DTU Bindner H. Burt G.
9 Researcher Exchange  USTRATH Burt G. Cigolotti V.
10 Actions on International Cooperation (INCO)  RSE Martini L. Bindner H.
11 Program Management and Reporting  RSE Martini L.  
12 Dissemination, Knowledge Transfer and Exploitation  RSE Martini L. Guagliardi A.