ELECTRA IRP / GRID4EU Joint Technical Workshop

electra grid4eu An ELECTRA IRP - GRID4EU Joint Workshop is organised in Brussels on 30th March 2015.

This joint technical workshop between the two EU projects address short/medium term solutions as well as long term solutions related to a more active grid management, especially at medium and low voltage level, necessitated by the rapidly increasing level of renewable energy generation.

The new control concepts proposed by ELECTRA and the experiences from GRID4EU demos are discussed and the DSOs point of view on requirements of future control rooms gathered by means of a questionnaire.

The event demonstrates the good cooperation between the projects, bridging short/medium term deployable solutions to long term radically new solutions. It as well illustrates the collaboration between the scientific community and the utilities in Europe and fosters the sharing of experience and knowledge between these two types of Smart Grids stakeholders.