WP1 - Coordination and Networking

WP1 will constitute the heart of the coordination activity of the ELECTRA IRP with the EERA JP Smart Grids (JP SG), external projects and initiatives as well as of all interactions with targeted grid stakeholders.
The main objectives of WP1 are:

• Coordination between the ELECTRA IRP and the EERA JP Smart Grids
• Coordination with other IRPs and EERA Joint Programmes
• Interaction with the ELECTRA Advisory Board (AB)
• Coordination with EU grid stakeholders
• Coordination with relevant EU-level projects and initiatives
• Coordination with national programmes

In the past few years, one of the main tasks of the EERA JP SG was to align and coordinate the research effort of the member states in order to elevate the results to European level. This was done by the research organisations joining forces in the EERA JP SG in close collaboration with the European Commission and organisations representing the industrial stakeholders such as the EEGI, ENTSO-E, EDSO4SG and the ETP on Smart Grids.
The ELECTRA IRP through this work package targets to boost this effort with the perspective:
- to steer the national smart grid research programs;
- to consolidate the results of those programs in direct support of the European strategic energy objectives;
- to promote involved research institutes to focus and contribute in specific complementary areas of R&D;
- to leverage resources to address subjects not yet covered by the EERA JP SG addressing also the development and proof of new concepts which will be needed in the management of the future electricity system.

WP1 Task:
• T1.1 Coordination of ELECTRA IRP with the EERA JP SG, the Advisory Board and the grid stakeholders, and Networking

WP Leader: Martini L. (RSE)

WP Vice Leader: Graditi G. (ENEA)

Partner involved: All