EL25 - "Reduction of Topological Connectivity Information in Electric Power Grids", UPEC 2016, Coimbra, 6-9 Sep 2016

Alexander Prostejovsky, Oliver Gehrke and Mattia Marinelli (DTU), Mathias Uslar( OFFIS)




Electric power distribution grids increasingly use higher levels of monitoring and automation, both dependent on grid topology. However, the total amount of information to adequately describe power grids is vast and needs to be reduced when used locally. This work presents an approach for reducing and assembling power grid topologies in a decentralized way, such that full details of the local grid neighborhood are preserved, while remote areas get reduced in detail. Full connectivity information is retained. Practical evaluation is performed on a modified version of the 906-bus IEEE European low-voltage test feeder, augmented with additional lines which introduce loops. The resulting size is 0:067% of the full matrix for a subarea size of 66 buses.