EL26 - "Enhanced Situational Awareness and Decision Support for Operators of Future Distributed Power Network Architectures", IEEE - ISGT Europe 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 9-12

A. S. Zaher, V. M. Catterson, M. H. Syed, S.D.J McArthur and G. M. Burt (USTRATH), M. Marinelli, A. Prostejovsky (DTU)




This paper describes scenarios proposed for a control room decision support system aimed at future power network operators. The purpose is to consider the requirements of the future control room from the perspective of the operator under the conditions of a significant frequency excursion incident. The control room visualisation and decision support functionality for aiding the operator in restoring the frequency to its target value will be considered. The analysis takes place within the Web-of-Cells framework, adopted to deal with power system control through a web of subsystems, called cells, which are highly automated, and operated by Cell Operators.