Joint Workshop ELECTRA IRP–ERIGrid, EERA JP Smart Grids Steering Committee and Assembly

Kassel (DE) September 6th - 8th 2017  

On September 6th Fraunhofer IWES hosted in Kassel (DE) the workshop "Designing and Validating Future Intelligent Electric Power Systems" co-organised by ERIGrid, ELECTRA IRP, , EERA JP Smart Grids, SIRFN and DERlab. The event took place in the test centre for smart grids and electromobility (SysTec) of Fraunhofer IWES and gathered over 70 participants and stakeholders in the domain of distributed energy resources and smart grids.

 kassel0In the first part of the workshop the ELECTRA team has the opportunity to present last advances in definition and validation of the Web-of-Cells concept and on the valuable experience gained in the Researchers Exchange (REX) Programme. Moreover the 7th REX call was pre-announced and will be opened in September-October 2017. The workshop continued with a session dedicated to ERIGrid project and with a panel discussion about the role of microgrids research in future power systems. The Workshop also gave the chance to attend a lab tour of SysTec - one of the 19 laboratories available for open Transnational Access in ERIGrid (

On September 7th the EERA JP Smart Grids Steering Committee was mainly dedicated to define structure and content of the Description of Work (DoW) for the next four years. The Steering Committee approved the Strategic Plan of the new DoW. Significant progresses were also made in defining the Sub-Programmes topics and activities to be further detailed in the JP SG Implementation Plan.
On September 8th, in the frame of the EERA JP Smart Grids 3rd General Assembly, five keynote speeches were delivered on the topic "EERA Joint Programmes added value for EU stakeholders R&D needs". Among others, Nils Rokke, EERA Chair, highlighted EERA strategy for the near future, while Norela Constantinescu presented ENTSO-E view about research priorities in the smart grids field and past and present opportunities for cooperation with EERA and R&D organizations. Finally, during the Round Table "Contributing to the EU R&D Needs as well to the broader Mission Innovation context", the EC officer Remy Dénos (DG ENER) connected by video conference and provided an overview of the topics related to smart grids in the upcoming Energy calls of H2020 WP 2018-2020.