Ext. ELECTRA IRP meets the C/sells project


A joint ELECTRA - C/sells workshop was held in Stuttgart (DE) on 19th October 2017. Very significant potential synergies were found about approach and proposed solutions to the grid management between the two projects.The C/sells project is part of the funding programme "Smart Energy Showcases – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition" (SINTEG) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

C/sells gathers more than 50 partners related to research, energy business, grid operation, consulting and technology, committed to find new approaches for a future energy system in the southern German states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse. The project, started on January 2017, has a four years duration and a budget of about 100 million euro.
Within the framework of C/sells a cellular energy system with high shares of renewable energies is to be developed and demonstrated to ensure a climate-friendly, efficient and safe energy supply.
This approach to the grid management is quite similar to the one developed in ELECTRA, namely the web-of cells concept (WoC).
The coordinators of these two projects agreed to strengthen their cooperation and several common actions have been already planned. Namely Luciano Martini will present the ELECTRA web-of-cells concept at the C/sells project event in Munich (DE) on 19th January 2018, while C/sells coordinator and stakeholders have been invited to participate to a round table organized during the ELECTRA Final Meeting in Milano, on 22th – 23rd February 2018. More interactions have been planned aimed to the evaluation and field testing of the ELECTRA Web-of Cells concept within the C-sells project by a demonstration in a German lander.