Logo INESCPorto1INESC-Porto is a private non-profit association recognized as Public Interest Institution and appointed as Associated Laboratory by the Ministry of Science.
INESC Porto was created in December 1998 and its associates are the University of Porto, INESC and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. INESC Porto also welcomed the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science as associates until they were absorbed by the University of Porto, as a result of the University becoming a Foundation.

INESC's Role in ELECTRA IRP: • scenarios identification and analysis of requirements and also in the definition of the functional requirements for reference architecture.
• INESC Porto was the scientific partner of the Inovgrid project, led by EDP Distribution in Portugal. This project also involves the possibility of controlling actively load consumption and microgeneration. These competences will be important for ELECTRA WP6 - Controllable Flexibility.
• WP7 includes laboratorial testing aiming at proof of concepts of advanced control schemes for smart grids. INESC Porto offers its laboratory facilities and the expertize of its researchers for this purpose.

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Key Personnel Involved: Fidalgo J.Pecas Lopez J.Matos M.