Gianluca Fulli

Template-immagine-001Gianluca Fulli He leads the Smart Electricity Systems group at the European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport, conducting research on electricity transmission and distribution systems and providing support to related Community policies. He is an electrical engineer (1998, Università La Sapienza, Italy) with combined industrial and research expertise on power grids planning, operations and technologies. He previously worked with the Italian transmission system operator (GRTN/TERNA), where he was responsible for cross-border interconnectors planning and new generation connection, with the UK gas & electricity company (NGT) and with IBM. He is involved in several research projects and initiatives on smart/power grids, including those linked with the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan, the Energy Infrastructure Package, the Trans-European Networks for Energy and the US-EU Energy Council.

Joint Research Centre – Institute of Energy and Transport - JRC
Rue de la Loi, 200

BRUSSELS, 1049 Belgium